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Let us choose the way of Jesus. It is a way that demands effort, but the way that brings peace   Pope Francis Image: a man hiking through mountains
Thought for the day
A mother feeding her baby
Where I found God today
A priest listening to confession
Praying with the pope

Upcoming Retreats

Full Spiritual Exercises (30 Days)
26 Jun - 30 Jul 2019 (4:15pm - 9:00am)
Weekend Retreat
Individually guided 2-8 Day
Beginners Retreat
28 - 30 Jun 2019 (4:00pm)
St Ignatius at Manresa by A Chevallier Tayler
Full Spiritual Exercises (30 Days)
Full Spiritual Exercises in stages
01 - 12 Jul 2019 (4:00pm - 9:15am)
Individually guided 2-8 Day
01 - 05 Jul 2019 (4:00pm - 9:15am)