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"Gone Fishing" - Men's Online Retreat (03/07/2020 to 05/07/2020)

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It would be helpful if you could answer the following optional questions which in the case of retreats will be passed on to your retreat guide. These details will help us to allocate you a suitable room and guide.
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Important information regarding catering and special diets We can meet some of the catering needs of guests with medically diagnosed allergies and special diets – these include gluten free, dairy free, allergies to nuts or shellfish and other medically diagnosed allergies. We can also cater for vegetarians and vegans. Given the scale of our catering and the limited budget with which we operate, it is no longer possible for us to meet the preferences of guests who prefer not to eat certain foods, for example onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, cheese etc. We ensure that there is sufficient fruit, bread, salads and vegetables for people who may prefer not to eat a particular meal.
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Accommodation is in comfortable single rooms. Towels, soap and bedding are all provided. There is a lift from the ground floor up to Chapel Gallery in the Main House. In addition we have a few cottages within a few minutes walk from the Main House. For those living in the cottages breakfast, lunch and supper are taken in the dining room of the Main House but a simple breakfast, drinks and snacks are available in the cottages. All retreatants have full use of all the facilities of the Main House. We would advise Main House accommodation for those who find a short climb or stairs too difficult. Please select your first, second and third choice for the type of room you would prefer - it is not always possible to offer each person their first choice due to the number of bookings on each event.