Recalling your faith journey

Path through woods

This prayer­ exercise invites you to look back over your life journey in order to let God enable you to recognise more clearly the ways in which God has been with you at all the different moments.

  • Take some time to become still and quiet, using an awareness exercise or any other way into prayer  that you know from experience works well for you.
  • Then ask God to awaken in you, during this period of prayer, the gift of remembering; bring to mind in you whatever it would be good for you to notice.
  • Now simply let the 'landscape' of your life unfold before your mind's eye, and let your attention roam where it will within that landscape.

The following questions may help you in your reflection:

Where, in your life's journey so far, have the special moments been; the milestones and the mountain tops (events, people, places ...)?

What gifts was God giving you in these times?

What about the valleys and the deserts – times of darkness, pain, or confusion?   Where is the Lord in these? Where has God seemed absent?

Where have you come to crossroads, rivers to cross, a choice of paths – places of decision or crisis? How has God guided you in these times?

  • Draw a 'map' of your journey, in whatever way you like. You might want to use a picture, or words, or symbols - make use of whatever is most meaningful to you.
  • Spend some time sharing your memories and your map with God – let the Spirit lead you here. What does God want to show you?
  • Finally, as you stand again in the present moment, what might you need to ask God for to help you move forward on your journey?

In the wilderness, too, you saw him: how the Lord carried you, as a man carries his child, all along the road you travelled on the way to this place(...) your God, who has gone in front of you on the journey, by night in the fire to light your path, by day in the cloud.

(Deuteronomy 1:31-32)

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