Living the Magnificat

Living the Magnificat (Pray as you go Logo) A short retreat on Mary's Song to God, image of Mary surrounded by stars

This short retreat encourages you to prayerfully reflect on the words of Mary’s Song from the Gospel of Luke. Because the Magnificat is recited every day at Evening Prayer, it is probably one of the most frequently used, and perhaps most familiar, pieces of Scripture. But how often do we take time to contemplate the message contained in the words?

This retreat encourages you to reflect on the two readings associated with the Feast of the Visitation – a reading from the Prophet Zephaniah, and the Gospel Reading telling of Mary’s visit to her cousin Elizabeth. Through these texts we will explore how to live out the message of Mary’s Song in our lives.

Mary is the model for our lives and relationship with God. Her life shows us how to live in relationship with God, how to be open to God’s Will, and how to respond to God. In this passage of Scripture too, she sums up the hopes of generations of Prophets and Patriarchs; she speaks prophetically about the Kingdom of God. This retreat will try and help you to understand how to make these prophetic words part of your daily life.

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