Three Simple Prayers for your Day

Published on 20 Jul 2021
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How do we make time for prayer in the midst of a busy day? We offer three simple prayers that you can pray each day to help you find God in your everyday life.

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1. Start the day with a morning offering...

A morning offering (or daily offering) is a brief prayer that places us and the day ahead in the heart of Christ and his mission as an offering to God. It is usually prayed at the beginning of your day. You can choose a 'traditional' morning offering, or simply place yourself and your day ahead in God's hands, perhaps offering up anything particular that is on your mind that day.

Loving God, here I am. I know you are always with me. I place my heart in the Heart of your Son Jesus, who gives himself to us in the Eucharist each day. May your Holy Spirit strengthen me to live the Gospel in everything I do and say. For my part I give you this day–all my prayers, works, joys, and sufferings–all I am and possess. With Mary, mother of the Church, I pray for the mission of the Church, for all Apostles of Prayer, and for the intentions of the Pope this month. Amen.

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2. Make an Act of the Presence of God at some point in the middle of your day, perhaps during your coffee break or lunch break if you are working or studying.

This short prayer helps us to become aware of God during our day.

In your imagination, become aware of God’s presence and attention to you in this very moment. It may be that you can imagine God’s face looking down upon you right now and smiling; or it may be that you can feel God’s breath on your skin; or it may be that you can be aware of God’s touch; or it may be that you simply sense God’s presence.

Do whatever work best for you, whatever allows you to better recognise your Creator present with you, here and now with love. The following steps might help you to get in tune with God’s presence:

•   Take a moment to acknowledge God’s specific and loving attention to you in the here and now.

•   Feel the warmth of God’s love as God looks upon you, God’s purposeful creation.

•   God loved you into existence. God continues to breathe life into you now and sustains you in being. God is inviting you at this moment into an ever-deeper relationship of love.

•   Just bask in that experience for a few minutes – just as you bathe in the warmth of the sun on a warm summer’s day, so now bathe in the warmth of God’s love for you.

•   And as you bask in the warmth of God’s love for, listen to what God might be communicating to you.

•   As you listen, you may feel drawn to make a response, to say a few words to God in the silence of your heart.

•   In responding to God, you may want to ask God for something, or you may want to pray for someone.

•   Maybe you want to thank God for your experience of God’s unique loving attention to you, perhaps in words like these:

“Dear God, I acknowledge that you are looking at me in love and

attending to me always and most especially in this moment. I thank you

for this time we have had together. I ask you now for the grace to be able to

look upon you and attend to you this day. May I also receive the grace to

see myself as you see me and to see others in this world as you see them.”

This prayer can also be used when you enter into a longer period of prayer.  

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A woman standing looking at a sunset.

3. Review your day with God (at the end of the day).

In the evening, or towards bedtime, spend a few minutes reviewing your day with God. Which moments of the day is God inviting us to pay attention to?

Thank you for all that the day has been and for all God’s gifts.

Sorry for the moments of selfishness and acting without love for others.

Please These are some of the people and events that I want to pray for. This is what I ask for as I look towards tomorrow.

If you don't have time to pray all of these prayers each day, we suggest that the third prayer is the most important! St Ignatius called this prayer 'the Examen'.

Another version of this prayer

For more ways of praying, see the new audio series from the Jesuit Spirituality Team and Pray as you go:

Practising Prayer 

Written by Elizabeth Harrison with prayer material by Vron Smith and the Jesuit Spirituality Team.

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