Reflections of a prayer guide

Published on 26 Mar 2019
Two people sit on a bridge
Adaobi is a trained prayer gude from Salford Diocese. Here she reflects on her work helping people find God in their lives, and what it means to her.

In prayer I get to call Him ‘Dad’ and He calls me by my name. There is no awkwardness, nothing seems complicated; I don’t even have to try to be someone else, I am just myself as He is just Himself. We can be comfortable with each other because ‘Love’ is here.

I look and I see:

Different perceptions, different interpretations

There is not one way to fully describe you

That which I behold before me

Has meaning deep-rooted inside me

That clearly defines true beauty

When we converse, we needn’t use too many words

It is like you know me by heart

You look me in the eyes, and my heart smiles

With you in my world, it is all so beautiful.

I take Him with me as I go out into the fields, to greet the ones who, like me, have come to meet God. My hands form a flagstone on these ‘paved steps’ that they take as they journey into God - the multicoloured steps of a rainbow, with one end starting from earth, reaching across the sky up to heaven and then coming back down to earth, as God keeps His promise. We hold hands with God and with each other as we take our place in a circle of prayer.

At the end of the day, I sit and reflect:

Jesus, did you like the way I loved today? Did I love you?

In my brother, my sister, my neighbour and my  friend, did I recognise your face?

Did you like the way I spoke today? Did I speak well of you?

Did you like the way I prayed? Did I listen to you?

Jesus, did you like the way I laughed today? Did I make you smile?

Did you like the way I worked, the way I rested 

the way I slept, the way I dreamed

the way I walked, the way I moved

they way I ate, the way I danced?

My Lord, be glorified in me as I share what I have received.

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