Making a silent retreat at home

Published on 09 Apr 2020
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We are not currently taking any new registrations for these retreats. We will advertise again in the future if we run any more online retreats, so please sign up for our mailing list or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The ISC in Glasgow is still running some online retreats. 

As this time of limited travel continues, the wider Spirituality team of Jesuits in Britain have been offering individually directed retreats through May and June. The format is flexible, as is whether or not someone ‘goes into silence’ in their home or makes the retreat alongside their daily life. 

The Ignatian Spirituality Centre in Glasgow is offering Individually Guided Retreats and spiritual direction for those in Scotland. See their website for details.

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During this time of social distancing and ‘lock down’ many people have been finding creative ways of using their time. The Jesuit ministry to young adults in London have been experimenting with individually directed retreats. So far we have tried two different formats, the first was where a member of our young adult community in Brixton went into silence for a week (despite sharing the house with two other people) and spent the week in prayer, reflection and even more distancing from friends and family. Each day she ‘zoomed in’ for an online video call with her retreat director who listened to her experiences and between them they worked out where she might focus for the next 24 hours.  'I wrapped up my week feeling rejuvenated and more clear on plans for the next phase of my life,' the retreatant wrote afterwards. 

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The second experiment was to offer a retreat in daily life through Holy Week. This time the dozen retreatants were not in silence but going about their daily lives – such as they are at this time, working online, sharing coffee breaks, meals and glasses of wine virtually etc.  The retreatants committed to 30 to 60 minutes prayer and a meeting with their retreat guide each day.  There were also a couple of prayer workshops, again through the Zoom platform. This was a delightful experience of praying together in front of our screens. The retreat began and ended with a group meeting on Zoom, adding a community dimension to what was otherwise an individually directed retreat. 

Ruth Holgate

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