From University Chaplaincy to Parish Life

Published on 11 May 2017

Having being supported brilliantly at the Carmelite run chaplaincy at the University of York, when we moved to London, we struggled to transition from chaplaincy to parish life.  We were guided to the Young Adult Ministry Mass, held at Farm Street Church by James Hanvey SJ through his involvement in the Catholic Parliamentary Internship.

We started attending the first and third Sunday masses regularly and got involved with the music ministry.  From that we became drawn into the group that organises the Masses.

Over the years the young adult ministry at Mount Street Jesuit Centre (of which the Masses are a part) has really energised our faith.  We have made great friends with other young Catholics in London, and with the Jesuit scholastics who have helped with this ministry.

More recently, whilst still leading the music at the first Sunday Masses we have become more involved with local parish life in Tooting, which is part of the strength of the young adult ministry; it helps young people to transition from university chaplaincy or childhood parish to become active in the parish that they move to.