St Beuno's: a poem

Published on 19 Nov 2018

by Julie Cuthbert

They came flocking here like lovers who hear the call of the beloved.

With hope and doubts, with love and joy.

The beloved whom they see with eyes of faith

and who comes to meet them?

Why the Christ, of course, and behind the Lord, our Captain Ignatius

With the whole army of obedient pilgrims, marching behind him.

So, fall in behind them, take the baton,

Let it go from hand to hand, always the link, the key, a bridge,

Spanning all through the years from then to now.

And we who come now are at times a different band of pilgrims,

Yet our eyes still are on the Lord, on Ignatius.

Taking up the baton with faith and hope,

with thankful hearts that the house still stands.