Restoration and Renovation at St Beuno's

Published on 18 Jun 2019

As you may be aware, here at St Beuno’s we are currently undergoing building works to restore and enhance our wonderful building.

In September we will open up the new (original!) entrance from the car park – a level, accessible entrance for all. This will mean that no-one will have to come up the steep slope to face a flight of steps to the current front door.

Improvements to team accommodation and the creation of new meeting rooms for spiritual direction will continue into February. We are also repairing stone-work and leaky roofs and windows – no more buckets in Attica!

There may be some disturbance during this time, but so far our visitors have not found this to have detracted from their retreats.

Whilst this work is ongoing there is also slightly restricted parking available, although we have opened up a new, temporary car park in the approach lane to St Beuno's. (Our thanks to local farmer Mark for allowing this.) If you are visiting us and are able to travel to St Beuno's by train rather than car this would be much appreciated.

We hope that you will understand the necessity for these works as we look to secure the future of St Beuno's.