In my old banger of a car...

Published on 20 Dec 2016

I was bumbling around in my old banger of a car when I heard a man on the radio, a clinical psychologist talking about working with compassion. I pricked up my ears because I run a charity which takes mental health care to women in street based prostitution and I liked the sound of this man. I stopped the car and scribbled his name on a scrap and looked him up later. It turned out he was a Jesuit priest who gave workshops at Mount Street, so never having been there before I booked a place. I went for the psychology but I got something different. As I listened to Roger Dawson I was moved to my bones by the depth of his faith. From that day, I went on to the course Deepening Our Awareness of God led by Alan Harrison.  Alan was so close to God that I couldn’t tell where God ended and Alan started. I think they were one.  

How would I summarize that year’s course? I felt loved.

Pippa Hockon