Published on 28 Feb 2017

(photo: sculpture by Timothy P. Schmalz)

Heather, a London Jesuit Volunteer (LJV) has been helping with the weekly St Vincent de Paul soup run that operates out from Farm Street Church. Here she shares something of what this experience means to her.

"When I moved from the USA, I wanted to find an opportunity of giving back to the community. LJV and volunteering has brought me out of my comfort zone and challenged both my perception of the world and my beliefs. LJV is more than just a community of volunteers. Each month I have the time to reflect on my life and faith and how volunteering fits in. My favourite part is listening to others' experiences. I continue to learn from and marvel at their dedication and appreciate their support.

Ignatian spirituality is a core part of LJV and taking time to reflect on how my volunteering ties into my faith and other aspects of my life truly captures the Jesuit idea of finding God in all things and educating the whole person.

I have found I have gained more than I could ever give back and volunteering has become a core part of my life."

LJV open evening is Wednesday 15th March - please drop into 114, Mount Street between 6.30 and 8pm to meet some of current volunteers and find out more about possibly joining us. Please email Elaine if you are hoping to come. For more details, click here.

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