A Lenten poem

Published on 26 Feb 2021
Pilgrim walking in the desert

by Jennifer McGuigan


No need to turn the stones into bread.

Though many are hungry, we are well fed.

This world of ours, we rule it still,

In supposed supremacy, we fight and kill.

From mountain tops we jump; death to defy.

Certain that modern technology allows us to fly.

What need now for the Word that remains unspoken?

To which no one listens though their lives are broken.

How could I have loved you more?


Our churches are buildings constantly in need of repair,

Filled with the longings of those in despair.

Few know or care much about their neighbour.

More money and power, their reason for labour.

Too busy, always busy, with no time to pray.

Why bother? Does it do any good anyway?

To some who lead a good life and go weekly to church,

It is enough, there is no need for further research.

How could I have loved you more?


And the Word of God came saying “Amen, Amen,

Oh wretched generation of enlightened men.

I gave you knowledge as a gift, but you have not found wisdom,

I showed you love but you have not learnt compassion,

I created a beautiful world for you all to share,

But in avarice you have destroyed it. Too late now you care.

You turned from the Word to your ways of sin,

Turned your back to the Light and let the darkness in”

How could I have loved you more?


My Word is unspoken but still it resounds

In the hearts of those, who through silence and prayer, have found.

More than a building the church is a community

Of believers who pray and praise God in total unity,

Who in the Eucharist remember My suffering and passion,

My obedient sacrifice, My loving redemption.

My Father’s forgiveness for all who repent of their sins,

Who leave the darkness behind and let the Light in.

For I could not have loved you more.