Blessing the new entrance

Published on 19 Dec 2019
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by Tim McEvoy

On Friday 6th December, a wetter than usual day in North Wales, the community of St Beuno’s gathered by the new front entrance for a special service of blessing by the Jesuit Provincial Fr Damian Howard SJ.

Joined by the architects, surveyors, builders and interior designers responsible for its creation, Fr Damian spoke of being delighted by this stage of completion of the new works going on at St Beuno’s.

‘It is good to be blessing a door,’ he said, as a door was a perfect symbol for a retreat house and the work of St Beuno’s: a ‘place of encounter’ and new life where the outside meets the inside and through which, we hope, an encounter can take place with God.

As part of the service, intercessions were made for all those involved in the building of our beautiful new entrance, reception and community room as well as for ‘all those who have lived and worked in St Beuno’s since its foundation’ and for all those who will pass through our doors in the future.

The words of the blessing reminded us that: ‘the work we see here today should enliven our faith and make us grateful. We know the familiar words of the psalm, “If the Lord does not build the house, in vain do its builders labour.”

‘Whenever we look to the interests of our neighbour or the community and serve them, we are, in a sense, God’s own co-workers. Let us pray for God’s help today, through this blessing, that God will bring this construction to successful completion and that all who live and work and dwell in this house may experience God’s loving care and protection.’

In a mood of celebration and gratitude, all were invited afterwards into the new community room for welcome refreshment and a roaring fire.