All Change...


After sixteen years, the Mount Street Jesuit Centre (MSJC) came to the end of its work in July 2020.  Over the years, it has reached a great number of people who have come on retreat days, explored spirituality and attended courses in biblical studies and theology. For many it has become a much loved and respected community of like-minded people seeking God in the centre of London, and it has been personally transformative for them. This work is now taken up by the new London Jesuit Centre (LJC), which offers events and courses in spirituality, theology and social and environmental justice issues, as well as monthly group retreats, individual guided retreats and spiritual direction.

We extend a warm invitation to all those who have been part of the Mount Street Jesuit Centre to become part of the new London Jesuit Centre initiative. This seeks to build on MSJC foundations but also to expand them in terms of reach (especially for young adults), depth (teaching courses to MA level) and breadth (including social and environmental issues in response to Pope Francis’ call to “care for our common home” along with a range of arts and cultural events).

The current coronavirus pandemic means that events will mostly take place online until it is safe to host meetings again.

We look forward to welcoming everyone to the life of the new London Jesuit Centre. For further information see the LJC website: