Where I found God today

These are short reflections shared by people who are seeking God in all things and have been surprised by what they find as they travel their pathways. 

If you would like to share a story about where you found God please send it to us.  

Travelling all over the city, talking to people, constantly busy... But I had a couple of minutes to spare, so, though I had a bus to catch I made a slight deviation from my normal route to simply go and look at a patch of wildflowers growing in one...
Purple and white wild flowers in long grass
The flowers were absolutely beautiful. Thank you Father for that gift.
Pink flowers (geraniums)
All the visitors seemed to enjoy the entertainments whilst spending money on the various stalls. After all the hard work put in to it, it was a truly happy day! And that is the point. In organising any event like this there will be ups and downs,...
A person holding an ice cream at a summer do
I had already forgotten that I had asked them to come and the usual people were on holiday. Half an hour later they reported the successful eradication of a couple of leaks and walked away saying “see you later”. Of course, I rather hope they won’t...
A tap dripping
The idea that there might be life somewhere on a distant planet, which is apparently physically possible but actually really unlikely, has never troubled my faith in God. My theology expands to fit this possibility. But the presenter of the...
Some toy planets
I ignored it as such injuries usually heal up quickly on their own. A week later it still hurt a bit and a red flare round it bore witness to infection. I thought “dirty water”. Water is beautiful stuff full of energy and light. It refreshes and...
Waterfall surrounded by green trees
Written in red because he was Welsh and proud of it, that poem was mere “scribblings “– His words. I always admired Paddy and his deep wisdom and his genuine consternations often gave me comfort. His scribblings were part of that consternation that...
I suppose with church attendance declining, especially among younger people, we are all more aware of the fact that it would be easy not to go. I'm grateful for that being recognised.
Empty church
It would be wrong to romanticise the work of fishermen, it is very dangerous and tough work. But it is still great to know that these traditional types of work still exist. I'm similarly interested in agriculture for the same reasons. Fishing and...
Fishing boat
We need to let God calm us through prayer until our true needs can be met, and remember to thank Him when we realise, through prayer, how much He helped us when we did not know how to ask.
A mother feeding her baby
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