... in a winter dawn

Published on 01 Jan 2019
Sunrise, with trees silhouetted

I was travelling recently and perhaps because my routine was out of the norm, I woke up earlier than I needed to. I was surpised that it was so dark. Because I was in an unfamiliar place I'd forgotten how late the sun rises at this time of year, and had to check on my phone. Sunrise at 8am!

As result of my earlier awakening and because the dawn was later than I thought I was able to get ready and go outside. I rarely get a good view of a sunrise, mostly because I prefer to stay in bed until I have to get up, and perhaps I'm a little lazy or not really a morning person. How glorious and uplifting it is so see the early morning sun flooding the valley.  It reminded me of the psalms, where it talks about 'awakening the dawn'. It feels like you've got there before anyone else has. But you haven't, because God was always there before you and with you, through the watches of the night, till dawn and into the new day.