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Published on 28 Mar 2021
Palms lying ready for those attending Mass.

Growing up a Catholic it is easy to take certain things for granted, or not even notice them, until perhaps you have to explain them to someone, or you go somewhere where the tradition isn't followed in the same way.

In some parishes people collect greenery from the local area on Palm Sunday. When we used to go to church on Palm Sunday we used to see families with such green branches. That is a beautiful way of celebrating the entrance of Christ into Jerusalem. In our family we always made crosses from the palms. Our father taught us how to make them and every year, wherever I am, if there are palms I make another palm cross, which I then hang behind a crucifix or a picture frame in my home until the following year. There is something special about the concentration required for this methodical, yet creative process, learned in childhood and continued throughout adulthood which sets Holy Week off to a good start, and can be passed on to the next generation too.