... in tidying

Published on 26 Oct 2020
A person going through some papers

I was going through some things recently with a view to making more space. I am not as much of a hoarder as some people, but I am quite sentimental, not liking to part with items such as cards because they contain messages from loved ones. One of my basic rules is that if you'd no idea how to find the things that mattered because you had so much stuff that didn't, then you probably need to tidy up...  

Over the years I have got better at going through things and getting rid of stuff, but I discovered a whole clutch of items from nine or ten years ago that remained relatively untouched, apparently thrown into a cupboard at some point (fortunately grouped together) when I was moving and not touched since. The process of going through them can be hard, especially if you confront times in your past you'd rather forget. 

What overwhelmed me was all the warm wishes, a great many dating back to a hard time in my life when I had been unwell. Cards and postcards, quite often from the same few people, with beautifully written messages and sometimes little doodles. Alas, some of those people (mentioning no names) have not sent me so much post of late, but that's the sad thing about the advent of social media and instant messaging. I don't suppose I will ever look through my digital archive with quite such enthusiasm. 

It is almost as if, in some cases, you can forget how much people care. Taking out each one of those messages and taking the time to assess whether to keep it or not was really helpful in reminding me how loved I am. How grateful I am to God for bringing these people into my life, and for the renewed opportunity to feel their love.