... in thinking about decisions

Published on 30 Aug 2020
Shoes with arrows indicating directions

I asked myself why St Ignatius makes such a fuss about decision making.  I know where I am headed: the kingdom of heaven.  I know the way and it is clearly signposted in the Gospels.  I am determined unhesitatingly to help anybody who needs help I can give.  With these decisions made what is left for me to decide?  God made some suggestions.

  • When I get up in the morning
  • When I pray, and how
  • When I eat, and what I eat
  • What tasks I carry out, how well I do them
  • When I rest, and how I refresh my soul
  • Whom I speak with, what we talk about, for how long.

These daily decisions will determine if I am available to help those who need me, ensure that I do not miss any signposts and bring me joyfully to my destination.