... in sunflowers

Published on 06 Jul 2021
A sunflower growing on a window still

Earlier in the spring I planted some sunflower seeds. It was the first time I had grown anything from seed (apart from cress in an egg-carton when a child at school!) and I tended them very carefully.

I was intrigued by the minute size of these seeds and followed the instructions carefully from the pack I had been given.
From quite a large number, only five germinated and I transplanted them into little pots to give the roots the space they needed. I decided to keep them growing in my conservatory as they seemed to thrive in the warmth and my garden can be a haven for slugs and snails.
They are just beginning to flower and it is such a joy to see the vibrant yellow flower heads turning towards the sun.
But the interesting thing is how different each one is in size! Each has been given exactly the same care and attention; watered at the same time and kept in exactly the same conditions.
I am really enjoying each beautiful blossom, whether small or tall.
A parable in action! Jesus himself witnessed this and taught us the story of the sower.
The life and growth of each one of us is such an individual journey and our loving Father tends us patiently until we flower, no matter how significant we may seem in comparison to others.
Lord, help me always to turn towards your light. May I grow to my full potential under your love and care.
Some sunflowers growing on a windowsill