... in a stretch limo

Published on 13 Jun 2018
Stretch limousine

As I was walking down to the Post office this afternoon, I passed an unusual sight in our densely-populated part of town: a stretch-limousine parked by the kerb-side complete with uniformed chauffeur.

My curiosity was satisfied on my return journey when I saw a family posing for photographs by the car and heard them discussing a 40th birthday celebration.
They were all dressed up in their best attire and obviously looking forward to an exciting experience. It was lovely to witness their delight.
I began to think about our desires to be special- to be treated as VIPs or celebrities; we all long to be pampered now and again! Isn’t this just another way of God calling us to His heart?
In the Father’s eyes, we are all precious children. Each one of us is loved so tenderly and, in the words of Paul: “if we are children, we are heirs as well.”
Help me to remember and truly believe this amazing promise. Then I can celebrate my VIP status every day of the week!