... in 'sing choirs of angels...'

Published on 26 Dec 2019
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On Christmas Day I went to a church which has a choir and was full to the brim of people singing. We always seem to sing 'O Come all ye Faithful' on Christmas Day. The following Sunday was Holy Family, which can seem like a poorer version of Christmas Day, where those in charge of music reel out their second favourite carols! 

My local church is quite small and doesn't have a choir, but we do have someone playing the keyboard (those who read these contributions regularly may note that I previously lived in a parish with no accompanist at all, and the music was even worse, so I'm grateful for that) and someone who plays guitar. For some reason though they were playing 'O Come, all ye Faithful' at the wrong speed. It's amazing how with those familiar Christmas carols that can be really noticable. The congregation was trying. Let's just say that. They were trying! The sound, however, was altogether drab and muted, until quite suddenly we arrived at the third verse and just in time for 'Sing, choirs of angels, sing in exultation, Sing, all ye citizens of Heaven above!' a lady arrived at the row just behind me and joined in. She had an amazing voice! Not only was she able to sing in tune but she also had a beautiful voice and more or less doubled the overall volume. One might almost think she was an angel. 

The final hymn was O Little Town of Bethlehem and she even sang the descant. Choirs of angels...