... in searching for gold

Published on 13 Jan 2020
A jigsaw puzzle

I have been doing a jigsaw recently-a lovely old-fashioned depiction of Snow-white and the seven dwarfs. The colours are soft and muted but in the picture there are some beautiful highlighted sections of goblets and tankards on the table, platters and caskets on the shelves-all glinting in the candle and fire-light. In the centre of the illustration there is a newly-baked loaf of bread still glowing, fresh from the oven.

It has seemed appropriate to be doing this during the Christmas season; a time of decorations and lights, shining tinsel and glitter, Advent candles and the gift of gold given to the Infant Jesus by the magi.

I remember the late Fr Daniel O’Leary once saying that we should search every day for the “gold in the dust”. Another way of praying the Examan perhaps?

So where did I find gold today..?

In the sunlight breaking through the overcast sky; in the daffodils on sale in my local supermarket; in the cascade of notes sung by a robin in the park; in the kindness of a neighbour taking delivery of a parcel for me; in my hairdresser trimming my hair for me despite her weariness...

Where did you find God today?