... in roadworks

Published on 21 Aug 2020
Roadworks sign

The bottom of our street has been blocked off now for about three weeks due to some major road works. It appears that there has been a serious gas-leak and the junction is impassable. There are gaping holes in the road and replacement pipes are needed.

Unfortunately this route has always been used as a “rat-run” for those avoiding traffic lights in our busy town and the disruption has been quite considerable.

Not only do the many residents have to turn their cars round in a narrow environment or reverse out, but I, like many of my neighbours, then have to drive with our hearts in our mouth as we venture the wrong way up the road.

For too often we have been met by speeding vehicles hurtling down towards us, as, ignoring the “Road closed/ access only” signs at the top, they tear through hoping to find a way through. It has been an interesting experience!

On reflection, it feels like the last couple of months of “lock-down” easing.

The well-trodden normal pathway is blocked; old structures have finally collapsed and need replacing; some of us are gingerly turning around and trying to find a new way forward; some of us are ignoring the signs and attempting to carry on as though nothing has changed.

Either way it is not a comfortable situation.

And how am I approaching this disruption? It is a social/ global shift but also an intensely personal one. Am I seeking God’s will in all of this?- in all the choices and dilemmas facing each one of us daily at the moment?

Thank you Lord for your promise: “I am with you always.”  Matthew 28:20