... in a puppy

Published on 06 Dec 2019
A puppy

I work several jobs and my schedule is hectic.  Wednesdays are my only reliable days off, and I spend them with my friend and her eight-month-old puppy, a rescue of dubious parentage, all honey-coloured limbs and frantically wagging tail.

She greets me with more enthusiasm than anyone else in my life, putting her paws on my shoulders and bathing my face.  She plays hard, chasing squirrels in the garden and pouncing at lasers from which she rescues her bones, carrying them away from the beam protectively and hiding them in other rooms.  And when she is all played out, she collapses in my lap and snoozes, waking periodically to bathe my face again and wag.

This is what love should look like ~ boundless energy and enthusiasm, open affection and esteem, protection and care, peaceful fellowship ~ it's all here.  This is how God loves us, how we are called to love God and how we are meant to love one another.