... in puddles of joy

Published on 09 Feb 2021
A child splashing in a puddle

Today as I walked through our village I could see a woman and a toddler up ahead. It appeared that the toddler was misbehaving, as he ran back and forward over the same spot and the woman (his mother) stood waiting. But as I grew closer I realised that the toddler was in fact running and jumping in two very small puddles. 

His mum was saying "ready, steady, go" and the little fella would jump as high as he could into the puddle and then stamp his feet as hard as he could. As I watched his delight I laughed and said to his mum, "that looks fun!" She turned to me and said "these are the only puddles we've found today". As I walked away her words echoed in my mind as I thought of all the "puddles of joy" I miss in my life, either because I'm too busy or think that there might be a better puddle further on, rather than staying and enjoying the puddle that has been provided. God brings opportunities for joy across our paths all the time, its whether we choose to hear His "ready, steady, go!" Or walk on and miss the opportunity of a "puddle full of joy".