... in processions

Published on 20 Apr 2019
People going to communion in a church

I remember once using the word ‘queue’ in relation to the stream of people going up for Holy Communion at Mass, and being corrected –  it is a procession, I was told.

It is often at longer Masses, such as the Chrism Mass, or services on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, when there is the distribution of the Ashes and Veneration of the Cross, as well as Communion, that one can really notice all those people processing. I like to watch those processions while I pray, and of course the processions themselves are prayerful. Much of our prayer is interior, and we may well close our eyes, but there is also prayer which looks out at the world. I like to think of all those people, with so very different lives, all ages, shapes, sizes and from different places, being brought here for the same reason, to worship God. They come with all their needs, and with all their reasons to give thanks. I give thanks for being part of this worldwide community of prayer, communion and fellowship in Christ.