... in Poirot

Published on 07 Jan 2019
Cover of the book The ABC murders by Agatha Christie

*contains spoilers*

I was rather angry about something and needed distraction, so I watched all three parts of The ABC Murders at a sitting.

This is a straight ‘whodunnit’ with lots of murders and a totally amoral villain, but I am often amazed at the depth of topical content that can find its way into entertainment. Poirot, the Belgian detective, is reviled as a foreigner and the question ‘who are you really?’ does not sound friendly. Naturally the audience starts to wonder, and we are rewarded for our patience by finding out at the end of episode three that he is, in fact, a priest.  A priest who tried to protect his congregation by sheltering them in the church only to have it burned down with the congregation inside.  Poirot still bears the physical and mental scars and becomes a poignant example of refugees and foreigners made unwelcome in our country today.  A good lesson, well taught.