... in new routines

Published on 03 Mar 2021
A bench in a park

I have tried to attend Mass on Sundays ever since we were allowed to do so again. Since the Mass is now quite a bit shorter, I find I have slightly more time in my Sunday mornings so I try to fit in a walk on my way home.

Last Sunday the weather was beautiful and I found a park bench to sit on for a while and enjoy the sun. I reflected on how I'd spent time with God in church, and now I was able to spend time with him in nature too. 

The lockdown weeks are more monotonous but this has enabled me to have a more fixed routine, which in certain ways has been good. I have mentally pencilled in the half hour or so after my weekly Mass as a quiet, relfective time, in some ways a continuation of the prayerfulness of Mass. I find this helps bring some quiet and reflection into my week, and I am grateful for it. 

Where have you found God today?