... in a new route

Published on 14 Jul 2021
A road leading into the distance, at sunset in Scotland

While saying my prayers this morning I fell to thinking about the trials and tribulations of getting around Glasgow on the journey between Aberdeen and St Beuno’s. 

 Motorway improvements are always a mixed blessing; quite apart from the disruption caused by the roadworks you have the problem of negotiating the new layout.  Having got lost yet again, when I thought I was on top of the situation, I realised that I needed go via Edinburgh on the way south, and via Stirling on the way north.  This put me strongly in mind of Vatican ll and Pope Francis.  We have all had trouble knowing how to apply the new documents, and now we have a Pope who seems to be changing the rules.  But maybe that is not what he is doing.  He has found a new route via Mercy which works best when helping people to manage the difficulties of this world, while leaving in place the other option, being rigorous about the rules, which heads in the direction of spiritual perfection.  Both routes work, most of the journey is the same in either direction, and we all need to travel both ways.