... in nesting birds

Published on 03 May 2019
Birds in a hedge.

At this time of year it is wise not to use powered hedge trimmers as the birds are beginning to nest. For the last few years blackbirds have nested in the bushes bordering our garden.

 Last year we were fortunate enough to have nests at opposite ends of the garden. However, we were rather concerned that they might not chose to build their nests here this year as our neighbours have a cat. Cats and birds do not mix! So I was delighted when I saw a young male blackbird in the garden this morning. He was happily feeding on the bugs, worms and insects the overnight rain had brought out, whilst keeping a wary eye on me watching him from the kitchen window. I hoped he was scouting for a suitable nest site but only time would tell. Sure enough come evening there was a female blackbird busily feeding in the borders. It looks as if they are preparing to build a nest here in which to lay their eggs, hatch and fledge their offspring. They will both need to stock up on as much food as they can to provide them with the energy needed for that task. As any parent knows raising a family is no easy job!

At Eastertide we remember that like the blackbirds the disciples were preparing for a new era, a new beginning, new life.

So that was where I saw God today, in the blackbirds. You see they brought two questions to my mind: How are my preparations to receive the Messiah into my life going? And am I ready to accept Him, to do His will and walk in His ways?