... in lockdown walks

Published on 29 Jan 2021
Collage of pictures of walks on hills, meadows, by the river and lakes

The year of covid has come nearly full circle from the spring of March 2020 to this approaching one of 2021. My story goes like this:  God has a plan and through Covid He brought that revelation to me.  I had not walked much for nearly 33 years because I had been a busy mum, working and bringing up my children.

When the first Lockdown of March 2020 began my husband said: what are we going to do with our lives just sitting indoors?  Well I did not have a clue, but out of the blue he suggested we go for a walk round the block. My immediate answer was no. I have arthritis in my left foot.  He persuaded me to go with him for a short walk to start with. I did and I was in pain but I persisted. This went on for a month.  I was breathless, coughing - all the problems that go with being asthmatic.

Then after a month we realized I was okay and the walks became very enjoyable, in fact the the best outdoor activity.

I saw bare branches pushing out tiny shoots which meant new life, new creation of God’s beauty.  Every walk brought wonders and happiness for me.  I met people from all walks of life – families together – happiness around me. The children were laughing and telling me stories maintaining their safe distance as they were taught by their parents.  I had opportunities to talk to young mums with their babies in the buggies. I was able to bring some joy into their lives as I could sense that they were feeling lonely and trapped indoors.  There were dogs running about and they gave me joy even though I could not stroke them.  I made new friends and saw and learned many new things. There were beautifully coloured dragonflies around the lakes. On many outings we went into gardens where there were very few people and were able to admire God’s beauty.

Our walks included saying many rosaries and constantly praying for everyone. Although I had pain, God made it possible for me to complete my walks as prayer, thanks and praise were the centre of my focus along the way.

Jack and I noticed different birds and heard their calls. Once we even spotted a fox who stopped and stared right back at us.

The beautiful change in the leaves in the autumn and then the falling of leaves were a real sign to tell us that soon the days would become short and darkness would come earlier.  There would be longer evening and nights. What would life be like with Covid still hanging over our heads?  I found God telling me ‘Do not worry I am here always’.

There was a little whisper, an answer to my prayer asking God’s mercy to take away the COVID-- ‘my dear child I will do so but not now’.  I found God in prayers.  I saw my friends suffering through three weeks of COVID praying every day on zoom with them and I saw how they were healed.  Our loving God will never leave us we just need to call out to Him. We need to have faith and trust in Him always.  The trauma of Covid will one day pass but God’s beauty will always be there.

For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and say to you. Do not fear; I will help you. 

Isaiah 41:13