... in a local walk

Published on 15 Sep 2020
Tree trunk

Ever wondered why we sense a feeling of peace walking in nature! 

Today as I walked around a local forest and lake, I wondered just that. As I reflected, I thought how the whole of nature is in a state of mindfulness. Everything is present to itself and to everything around it.

The geese on the lake, honking madly, are listening to their body clock,  mindful of this present moment, so they dont miss the moment to fly away. 

The squirrels busy in the trees, collecting nuts, are listening to their body clocks too, mindful in this moment, so they will benefit in future moments. 

I looked at the trees, the beech, the oak, the fir, all stood side by side. None of them comparing themselves to the others, thinking they are better or worse than the tree next to them. They are just present, at peace with themselves and within themselves, mindful. 

I reached out and touched a tree trunk. I was surprised how warm it felt, human body temperature. But what surprised me more was how still it was. I know that sounds strange but I hadn't really given it much thought before. I closed my eyes, with my hand on the rough bark and in that very small mindful moment I was still, I was present. And I thought, "be still and know" and for a very brief moment I knew. 

tree trunk, looking up.

Where did you find God today?