... in listening to nature

Published on 04 Jan 2019
A person walking in winter countryside

I like to spend as much time as I can manage in the outdoors, whether a garden, a park or the countryside. The weather for the past two weeks has been overcast and since we are in midwinter everything seems to be shades of brown and grey. I have tried to find colour in my surroundings and signs of life but it has been very difficult. 

But there are signs of life. If you stand still among trees or undergrowth, you can listen. You can hear robins singing on the bleakest of days, the twittering of other tiny birds like blue tits, you might catch the flitting about of a wren, the coo of a pigeon or the chatter of a crow. Best of all I heard the very specific hammering sound that can only be made by a woodpecker. 

I couldn't see most of these birds, but I knew they were there if I stopped and listened hard enough.

So it is with God and our spiritual lives. 

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