... in the kindness of a stranger

Published on 06 Jun 2016
Photo by christian koch on unsplash

My best friend and I were visiting a friend in Lasalle, Ontario.  She had graciously offered her home for us to stay.  

She prepared a bedroom in the basement because it had a bath with it and she felt this would be helpful to us.  My friend had a stroke five years prior.  The left side of his body does not always cooperate.  The day we were to leave, we were coming out of the house, and my friend's foot caught on the last step.  Instead of falling forward and i could catch him, he went backwards and i had no way to grab  him fast enough.  I knew I would need help getting him up.  The neighbour across the street was just going into his car when I called to him and said I needed help.  I explained what happened and he gently went over to my friend an lifted him off the floor and helped me place him in the car.  The man said to me `you are Christians`. I said yes, then he said he had seen my ring that I wear that says I love Jesus.  He left by saying God had given him a mission that day.  When I returned back again I once more needed help getting my friend up a flight of stairs.  The neighbour was still home, he is a real estate agent and is usually quite busy.  Once more he gathered my friend into his arms, helped him up the stairs and said if I needed any further assistance to just call him.  I knew God had brought this man to be of help to me and I hoped that my friend saw God`s love in these actions.  I am so pleased for the blessing God gave us.