... in harvest festival

Published on 23 Sep 2021
Wheat bales in a field at sunset

On Sunday we celebrated Harvest Festival. It was not the usual service, with the church decorated with the produce of God’s bounty. There was no singing the familiar harvest hymns but, sadly, just a bare church with a limited number of masked congregation, socially distanced from one another. Nevertheless, it was a celebration of thanksgiving for all that God has given us, as it should be and has been down the years.

Monday morning’s mist reminds us that autumn is on its way, “The season of mists and mellow fruitfulness”, as John Keats once wrote. So we leave one season behind to enter another, and of course autumn will be followed by winter! There will be difficulties and dangers ahead, with no doubt, pain, suffering and sorrow for some. The coronavirus is, after all, still with us and shows no signs of abating.  But whilst autumn will be followed by winter still, to quote Shelley this time: “If winter comes can spring be far behind?” And spring will bring new life as it always does, new hope.

Let us then, at this harvest time, rejoice in the bountiful abundance of God’s good gifts to us and be thankful that God has promised to walk with us always, however rocky the path may be. Yes, God is the one constant on whom we can rely in these dark times. Thanks be to God.