... in good news stories

Published on 03 Jun 2020
A sticker that says 'Be Kind'

News reports and programs these days often contain stories about the kindness and generosity of both individuals and groups in caring for and helping others.  

This feels like a stark contrast to the news before the pandemic appeared when the focus seemed to be much more about difficulties and selfish and uncaring behaviours.  These changes in both the way we are behaving and the reporting of these positive and encouraging stories are welcome and surely a reminder of the sort of society we as Christians are asked to help create.

As we reflect on the coming of the Holy Spirit now seems to be a good time to try and ask how can we make sure we hang onto these positive developments and not let them fade away as we get back to the old normal?  So I am pausing to take stock and asking myself:

  • what has changed for the better in society (recalling the many good news stories)
  • what do I want us to continue to do as a society and in the way we treat each other as we return to normal (i.e. what do I want the new normal to look like)
  • how has my life and the way I live it changed during this time
  • what have I learned
  • good things
  • bad things
  • about how I live my life
  • what changes might I make in the light of what I have learned
  • what changes might my Church make in the way we worship, share and care?

Holy Spirit give us the gift of discernment to see the good around us and the strength and courage to help this grow