... in good neighbours

Published on 13 Feb 2020
A village

As we live in the catchment area for good infant, primary and secondary schools it is not surprising that there are a number of parents with young children living in the road, as well as older folk like us. For example, our next door neighbours have four children, two teenagers and two a bit younger. 

They have never been any trouble and we get on quite well with them. However, on Thursday last week a marquee was erected in their garden. Oh joy! A teenager’s party! That will be noisy and will probably go on all night! No sleep this weekend then, we thought! But later in the evening a note dropped through the door explaining that yes Jane, the eldest girl, would be having a few friends round on Friday evening and again on Saturday but that the music would be turned off at a reasonable time and they hoped we would not be too inconvenienced. Of course, there was noise as the youngsters enjoyed themselves doing whatever it is they do to the strange sounds that nowadays pass for music. Anyway, the music was turned off at the stated time, the revellers departed, apart from the select few who slept over but there was no disturbance from them and so everyone was happy.

Do you know, I think that is where I saw God over the weekend, in the thoughtfulness of our next door neighbour?