... in God's rolling pasture

Published on 02 Jul 2021
A brown cow licking a person's hand through a gate

There is a rolling, green pasture beyond my gate.  I am fortunate to be renting a house with a little conservatory which overlooks it.

Today, as I worked away at my computer there, I had the unmistakable sense that someone was looking at me, and when I looked up, there was an enormous cow craning over the gate.  As I usually do when they come to call, I went out to say hello and was greeted with the usual grassy lick.  The huge, kind eyes, the latent power, the gentleness, all combine to make these encounters quite spiritual in their essence.

God is often more evident in my rolling pasture and in His creatures there than in all the words which fill my days.  Resting in the beauty of the hills beyond my gate and in the sweet breath and ordered movements of the sheep and cows which populate them, I grow still enough to feel the touch of my gentle Father.  It is there that He "restoreth my soul".

May we never find ourselves so far from nature that we lose the rhythms and pulse He has given us, through which we might find Him.


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