... in the end of a long project

Published on 15 May 2019
Desk with laptop, notebook, phone

I've spent the last three weeks working on a project for which I alone am largely responsible.  I delighted in the challenge but the enormity of the work began to wear on me.  I was relieved when, today, I finished at last and could send the work off to the appropriate people.

At last!  The work was out of my hands and into someone else's.  It was a wonderfully freeing feeling to realize that everything necessary was already finished; I had played my part.  My responsibility in the project was fulfilled.

And then it occurred to me I should feel such ease all the time, knowing the work that God has done: His great project of redemption has lifted every burden from me.  I've no insurmountable task before me any longer.  There is no herculean effort I must make to come into God's embrace.  All the impossibilities, the heavy responsibilities, the work of love and grace has already been taken care of.

There will be more projects and more work for me.  But I hope that as they come I will remember that the greatest work of all works has been done, and that the Lord has gone ahead of me.