... in a department store

Published on 12 Mar 2019
An aerial view of a department store with clothes on display.

I was in a department store at the weekend with my husband and we were about to leave. 'Right, let's go!' I said, decisively, heading towards the escalators. (I've found that it is very easy to spend hours in these places because each corner has a whole new array of things to look at. 

Exactly after I said 'let's go', two people walked past us and as though in immediate response – though they were talking to each other and not to me – one of them said 'Sure, let's go, but go where?' 

This struck me as being quite funny, especially in the context of a department store –  it is not an orienteering course after all –  but also thought provocative. All too often we are quite sure that we are going somewhere, and focus on feeling busy and dynamic while we are doing it, but don't really think about when or why.

This is why reflective times of prayer, or a retreat if we have the time, are so important to our lives, moments to reflect and discern. Where next, and why?