..in decisive impetuosity

Published on 21 Mar 2016

I was a small boy, and on a sunny day my father was gardening.  Suddenly there was a commotion in the street beyond our low wall.  A woman neighbour had dragged her son (no older than me) on to the tarmac and was screaming and pummelling his small frame.  Evidently Dad immediately grasped the situation. The boy had swallowed a sweet and was choking.  

Dad leapt over the wall to where his car stood, grabbed the boy and, with the mother scrambling in, shot off round the corner on two wheels.  What is God doing when other children do choke to death?  I don’t know but I can say that this small boy (myself) had a life’s lesson in a mother’s anguish – and love; in not judging a situation by appearances (I still do, of course), and in respect for my father’s graced impetuosity.  At his age I’d have been too polite to charge into a doctor’s surgery, brushing everyone aside.  And I thank God for medics, most of whom seem to be God present in a light disguise.