... in a brand new notebook

Published on 09 Mar 2021
Notebook and pen

I usually keep a small notebook to hand for to-do lists, shopping lists and so on. It's very important to help me keep on top of things. I don't buy expensive notebooks but utilitarian ones, in boring shades or black or grey, lined and ringbound so I can tear out the pages rather than keeping the scruffy crossed out lists. Being a creature of habit, when I recently ran out of pages in my notebook, I began to look for a new one and couldn't find one anywhere! 

But today I found a new notebook and was really pleased. Such a simple thing, but it would mean I could make sure I was organised over the coming weeks. 

Despite its very ordinary uses I have to add that the notebook also has some less ordinary uses. It contains a list of creative projects, things to do at different times of year, and it is here that I also jot down outings I would like to go on. At one point in the previous months, I had used the previous notebook for a discernment between two choices, a list of pros and cons which came just before a list of the meals I'd planned to cook that week but covered my thoughts on what was going on with my life. 

So the everyday and humdrum are closely mixed with hopes, dreams and beautiful future plans.

Having been without my notebook for a few days I've reflected upon it and realised that it needs - at least - a few pages for God. Or maybe I should buy a new notebook just for God! Perhaps there's something important about using one single notebook for our shopping lists and our future plans, and maybe I need some space in my notebook for my everyday conversations with God AND my big thoughts, ideas and spiritual yearnings. Something to ponder. For God is, I'm sure, in the tiny everyday deatails as much as in the big projects.