... in birds of paradise

Published on 18 Apr 2019
A bird of paradise plant and a carving of Jesus

In the midst of incredible joy, God sometimes pricks our tinsel ball and gives us our Simon-of-Cyrene moment especially during Lent.

I get it. With joy comes some shades of sorrow. And with sorrow comes encouragement. I have just received an incredibly marvelous blessing for which I immediately lifted up wholehearted thanks to God Almighty, to M. Mary and my advocate saints and angels. But my children weren't as happy as I. I accept life's irony. What is important is to be filled with gratitude. Always. 

I had some overgrown bushes trimmed and got an amazing surprise from nature's Creator. A thriving plant called Birds of Paradise (in photo) yields beautiful blooms among the unsightly bushes! Indeed if we look hard enough, we will see His blessing in everything.