...in baptising babies

Published on 10 Jun 2016
small baby being baptised

Baptising babies is a way of finding God very close. You are acting on behalf of God’s people, welcoming the child as a very new member. You are also welcoming the family and friends, and they welcome you, through their loving delight in a young child.

With them you are celebrating life, the Lord and Giver of Life, the new, fresh life in Christ, which the lovely old ceremonies proclaim. New life is prepared and strengthened by anointing, by the prayers and promises of parents and godparents (I always include grandparents too) and of the prayers of the child’s special saints and all the family of saints.

After the water is poured, another anointing with chrism shows that the newly baptised shares in the dedication of Christ, the Anointed One. The christening robe signifies the dignity of being clothed in Christ. The lighted candle, lit from the Easter Candle representing the Risen Christ, is given with the promise and responsibility of helping the child to walk always as a child of the light, to keep the flame of faith alive in the child’s heart.

God is close at these precious moments as I feel close to the child, to the parents and godparents and all the family of God.