… in a wonder-full day!

Published on 22 Sep 2016
Credit: Pixabay.com

Today was wonder-full!

I was at the doors of a large garden centre just as they opened and I filled three huge flat-bed trolleys with bedding plants for a courtyard garden I tend at the Cancer Hospital.

Getting to the checkout was tricky (haven’t all trolleys a mind of their own!) until a kind gentleman lent his assistance. ‘Large garden you must have!’ he said. I explained my mission and low and behold he was the manager. He knocked 10% off the bill and had a young lad help me load everything into the car.

En route with my plants, I had planned a detour past a friend’s house to post a small package through the front door so as not to disturb the household. But she was in her car and about to collect her daughter’s wedding dress.  My friend jumped out, opened the front door and we had a lively chat over a cup of coffee – mostly about wedding preparations.

At the back entrance to the hospital I borrowed an unwieldy hospital laundry trolley onto which I piled the plants and began multiple trips to the courtyard garden down silent corridors. It was a Saturday so I only occasionally met folk going for their radiation treatment. One husband who was accompanying his wife returned to help me, quite unbidden, whilst she was having her treatment.

Planting over a hundred bedding plants in the sun took quite some time and stamina! I hadn’t noticed patients passing up and down the corridors under the care of nurses until at one point I turned to find a smiling nurse holding out a cup of tea and a sandwich. It was way into mid-afternoon – I’d missed lunch!

 Once home I scrubbed up and put on my Sunday best to get to Vigil Mass. Rather lazily I headed for my car rather than walk the half hour to Church. Flat off-side tyre! Serendipity … A neighbour was passing and helped me to change it! 

 Thank you God for a day full of wonder and kindnesses.