… in waiting for an answer

Published on 22 Nov 2016

Many will agree that our twenties are a decade packed full of important decisions, and I'm personally a big fan of the Ignatian decision-making model. There's nothing quite like God manifesting himself in true discernment.


As the world's most indecisive person, I can spend months – sometimes years – at the 'information gathering' stage of formulating a decision. I will research options to death, often ending up more confused than when I began. Since graduating, St Ignatius' model has been a true godsend in helping me to structure this process and also in injecting it with some much needed faith. I think the urge to obtain all the information and knowledge available to us arises from a need for control, which is, ultimately, a sign of fear – and a lack of faith.

This week I prayed for discernment. Instead of trying to singlehandedly obtain it, I asked God to make the path He wants for me clearer. I waited just a few days, and then the answer emerged and I felt a profound conviction: I knew what my decision would be, because it was not just mine – it was His too.