… in perfect partners

Published on 12 Sep 2016
Credit: Wikimedia commons

A party of happy, cheerfully noisy disabled children had come for a few hours’ outing to the school where I was teaching.  The main organiser was a lady in her 70s. As she nipped around the floor helping them to dance I was sitting with her husband.

The old man was smiling dreamily, his eyes twinkling, and he murmured – half to me and half to himself – ‘I just can’t get over my luck, marrying her’.   I felt I was glimpsing God whose love had created each, brought each together and made them greater than the sum of the parts, so to speak! 

The scene would come back to me whenever I heard those lines from Oscar Hammerstein:  ‘You fly down the street – on the chance that you’ll meet – and you meet – not really by chance’.  It left me musing on ‘luck’.  To me this ‘good luck’ was clearly Providence. 

But have I so quick an interpretation of ‘bad luck’ and disaster? No. When that happens I pick up my incomprehension and take it to the nearest crucifix.