… in looking forward and back

Published on 17 Oct 2016
Credit Simon Bishop SJ

Suddenly it’s October, and for many of us we are experiencing a sudden shift in the seasons; the leaves are changing colour, it’s much colder, and the nights are slowly drawing in. At this time of year we are firmly reminded that the summer is behind us and we are hurtling towards the end of another year.

We often need to slow our pace at this time of year and remind ourselves that autumn can be a season of reflection. The leaves change colour before falling from the trees, so we too should take a little time to look back at the year to ask ourselves what were our biggest achievements and fondest memories, before we jump headfirst into the new year.

Having just celebrated six months as a Catholic, I often find myself looking back and asking how I got though life without God, because finding Him has changed everything – I am the happiest  I’ve ever been. When I’m uncertain of what’s ahead of me, the Lord is my stability. So as the days get shorter and the nights get darker, let Him be yours too, and know that he says this to you: ‘I have come so that they may have life, and have it to the full.’ (John 10:10).